The Things I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me

by Thought Catalog

Words I needed to hear.

Thought Catalog

When I think of the things I wish I knew five years ago, I’m wrought with both shame for having been so immature and naïve, and yet also inspiration, seeing how far I’ve come.  Some of the things I wish I knew back then are probably the things I am going to wish I were more conscious of in five years from now.

I wish I knew that a “normal” life isn’t so definitive. I was so afraid of just being average, ordinary. I wish someone could have explained to me what I was actually afraid of: not living my life before it passed me by. I wish I knew that the only real measure of success and normalcy is your own gauge of it. I wish someone would have told me to calm down and enjoy where I was, because I’d miss it eventually. I wish someone would have…

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