One Foot in Front of the Other (in progress)

by nelgrey

Life’s hard…and I suppose at this point I’m okay with it. Struggle allows me to see just how strong I am, how determined I am to succeed and that’s something I can appreciate. Hardship allows me to treasure the happier moments a lot more, and even helps me to keep things in perspective; even the most mundane aspects of life need to be appreciated.

I consider myself blessed to be in the space right now. I am attending university in a wonderful country and am surrounded by a  group of great individuals without whom I would not be the person I am today. Yet I find myself becoming increasingly apathetic towards the material I am being taught in class and to the events that are taking place around me. I’m over it, and I want to be done.

Me having a life here is dependent on my academic success and I’d would rather not deal with that kind of pressure. I feel like everything has to be forced, it is a means to and end, and I am not learning anything in the process. I….